Joint Graduate School in Biodiversity and Biosecurity

Who we are


The CBB is based on the Tāmaki Innovation Campus of the University of Auckland, where Landcare Research maintains a key laboratory and office complex. Activities of the CBB are overseen by a Board and Management Committee comprising scientific staff from Landcare Research and the University of Auckland, and representatives of key biodiversity and biosecurity management agencies.



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Dr Peter Buchanan

Phone: +64 (0) 9 574 4166


CBB Advisory Group

Dr Nick Waipara (Auckland Council)

Dr Rod Hay (Department of Conservation)

Dr Veronica Herrera (Ministry for Primary Industries)

Dr Lalith Kumarasinghe (Ministry for Primary Industries)

Emeritus Prof Mick Clout (University of Auckland)

Prof George Perry (School of Environment, University of Auckland)

Dr Margaret Stanley (School of Biological Sciences, University of Auckland) 

Dr Richard Jakob-Hoff (New Zealand Centre for Conservation Medicine, Auckland Zoo)

Dr David Whitehead (Landcare Research)