Welcome to the Centre for Biodiversity and Biosecurity and the Joint Graduate School

The University of Auckland and Landcare Research are New Zealand’s two leading research organisations in environmental science and ecology research. They combined their resources and expertise to create the Centre for Biodiversity and Biosecurity and then the Joint Graduate School in Biodiversity and Biosecurity.

  • Solving the kiwifruit crisis a winner
    13 February 2018
    Associate Professor Matthew Templeton is an integral part of a 100-strong team of researchers from Plant and Food Research who have won the 2017 Prime Minister's Science Prize for using science to solve the kiwifruit PSA crisis.
  • Karakia (blessing) for new Tuākana space in Old Choral Hall
    08 February 2018
    Staff and students gathered to bless the new SBS space in Old Choral Hall and support the ongoing Tuākana programme, now led by Brendon Dunphy. Michael Steedman led the ceremony.
  • A tiny answer to a stinky problem
    05 February 2018
    PhD candidate Tom Saunders explains to Newsroom why the brown marmorated stink bug presents a serious threat to important food crops and the tiny wasp that could help stop it.
  • Heat creates perfect breeding conditions for bugs
    17 January 2018
    Professor Jacqueline Beggs talks to Radio NZ about how the summer heat is creating an explosion in insect numbers.
  • Wasps are wiping out New Zealand's native bugs, experts believe
    17 December 2017
    Voracious killer wasps are causing some of New Zealand's native bugs to go extinct, insect experts believe. Associate Professor Jacqueline Beggs talks to the Sunday Star Times about her study to determine the effects that wasps have on their fellow invertebrates.
  • Membrane proteins – the lipid connection Event as iCalendar
    19 March 2018, 1 - 2pm
    In this lecture Professor Dame Robinson will provide an overview of recent advances in mass spectrometry, with a particular focus on the distinction of the various modes of lipid binding, their implications for structure and function, as well as new directions that lie ahead.