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Global biodiversity databases have been growing both in number and significance over the past 10 years. They host hundreds of millions of distribution records of hundreds of thousands of species and some engage hundreds of scientists in verifying and creating their content. However, with a few exceptions their use in research and services to policy makers has not yet been well developed. Yet, there are now global efforts to measure the state and trends in biodiversity at species to ecosystem levels that could benefit from such databases.

The University’s Biodiversity Databases group, led by Associate Professor Mark Costello, Professor Mick Clout and Shyama Pagad, is one of eight recipients of the University’s International Research Team Development Awards (IRTDA) which aim to build international relationships and attract international funding.

The group conducts research and teaching on biodiversity, including alien and invasive species and the use of global databases, and develops strategies on how to significantly advance global biodiversity databases in order to provide better services for researchers and policy-makers.

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