Joint Graduate School in Biodiversity and Biosecurity

About us


The Centre for Biosecurity and Biodiversity (CBB) was established in 2005 to recognise the complementary research objectives of Landcare Research and the University of Auckland, and to facilitate collaboration between these organisations. The CBB will pursue a science programme based on the research and technical capability of the two partner organisations, and will focus on emerging issues in biosecurity, biodiversity, and the broad area of overlap between these two core outcomes. The CBB will establish active research programmes, undertake postgraduate training, and develop education and training opportunities for a range of end-users.


Our vision describes where the CBB is heading. The CBB will be a world leading science-based institution, providing research, training and education programmes in applied biosecurity and biodiversity management by drawing on the complementary capabilities of Landcare Research and the University of Auckland.


Our mission describes why the CBB exists. The CBB will bring together the capabilities and infrastructure of Landcare Research and the University of Auckland to assemble cutting edge science teams that can establish world leading research, training and education programmes in the related areas of biosecurity and biodiversity. These programmes will support biosecurity and biodiversity policy and management entities at local, national and regional levels, ensuring that they have access to the most rigorous and innovative skills available.


Our values describe the principles under which the CBB operates:

  • Excellence in our research, training and education programmes
  • Best practice research processes, and full compliance with ethical requirements
  • Ongoing engagement with local, national and regional end-users
  • A global outlook that constantly benchmarks against the world's best
  • Inclusiveness, flexibility, accessibility and the use of appropriate technology in the delivery of programs
  • Professionalism and integrity in all operations that support our mission
  • A research and learning environment that encourages and supports the well being of staff and students.