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Postgraduate students at the Joint Graduate School come from a wide range of backgrounds, cultures and fields of interest. Find out why these students chose Auckland for their postgraduate study, learn about their research interests and how they find studying at the Joint Graduate School by visiting Meet our students and alumni.

PhD students

Name Topic
Sandra Anderson Pollination relationships.
Alice Baranyovits Kereru as seed dispersers.
James Brock New Zealand tree ferns.
Alexander Boast Paleoecology and ancient DNA of the kakapo.
Ivan Braga Campos Passive Acoustic Monitoring – Verifying the effectiveness of national parks for the biodiversity conservation through an innovative approach for biodiversity monitoring on natural protected areas.
Murray Fea Reproductive behaviour in cave weta.
Megan Friesen Olfaction and conservation of seabirds.
Julia Kaplick Water relations of kauri and associated species.
Erin Kennedy Movement of kea.
Finnbar Lee Metacommunity structure and connectivity in dendritic systems.
Carolina Lara Mendoza Are ecological corridors effective in maintaining seed dispersal and recruitment in urban areas?
Kate Lee Predicting adaptive potential in Hihi (Notiomystis cincta).
Guangyun Li Trade-off between development and reproduction of spider mite.
Xiaoqing Li The role of microclimate, plant community and plant functional traits in determining key ecosystem functions in NZ indigenous grasslands. 
Louise McMillan Invasive predator source estimation from trap and tracking tunnel data. Analysis of genetic assignment methods.
Ellery McNaughton The effect of artificial light on tui foraging behaviour and ecosystem services.
Emma Moffett Contemporary evolution of animal traits and role in ecosystem function.
Breanna Powers  Biodiveristy and Ecosystem Services.
Anna Probert Assessing biosecurity risks to ecosystems: ants as model organisms.
SriDevi Ravi The role of non-structural carbohydrates during drought.
Rachel Sagar Seabirds
Hendrik Schultz Ecology and conservation of seabirds- a spatial approach.
Dave Seldon A review of the Mecodema spiniferum species group with emphasis on the evolution of reproductive behaviour and biology.
Jiawei Shen Brachyglutine Rove Beetles of New Zealand
Jennifer Sheppard Correlates of mallard productivity, breeding propensity and habitat use in New Zealand.
Jamie Stavert The ecosystem services provided by native New Zealand bees in agricultural and natural systems.
Anja Steinwendler Is Hauturu (Little Barrier Island) a suitable location for breeding Kakapo? An investigation into northern forest vegetation class, phenology and seed quality.
Craig Simpkins Exploring the landscape connectivity evaluation methodologies using the virtual ecologist approach.
Lloyd Stringer How do population management tools interact with Allee thresholds?
Leilani Walker Sexual selection in the New Zealand sheet-web spider (Cambridgea).
Tristan Webb Predicting the ecological trajectories of New Zealand’s forests given the threat of
climate change, invasive species and fire.
Lena Weissert The potential of urban vegetation to mitigate local CO2 concentrations in residential areas.
Hester Williams Experimental establishment and eradication of plant pathogens and pest insect populations.

MSc students

Name Topic  Supervisor
Kumari Kshama Awasthi Detecting drought impacts in native forests using remote sensing – a case study on the 2013 drought in New Zealand.
Dr. Cate Macinnis Ng
Emma Edney-Browne Patterns of exotic insect establishment in New Zealand.  
Delayn Fritz  Filters along the invasion pathway: Patterns of exotic ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) in New Zealand.  
Vivian Han Metagenomic characterisation of the mycorrhizal community within healthy and diseased kauri roots.  
Kate Haselhoff Effectiveness of restoration plantings within the Auckland region Dr Bruce Burns
Michelle Kelly Pollination ecology of native New Zealand orchids and the role of introduced species.  
Liam Kendall Factors affecting the diversity of parasitoid wasps. Dr Darren Ward
Anna Kokeny Effects of Human-Induced Landscape Changes on Insect Pollinator Communities.  
Stacey Lamont The temporal responses of spider communities to mammal pest control.  
Ming Hui Lee  Using a preadatory mite, Amblydromalus limonicus, to control Trialeurodes vaporariorum.  
Rebecca Lehrke Assessing the efficacy of disturbance-based management of black swans (Cygnus atratus) at the Auckland Airport.  
Ming Li Bioinformatics analyses of the relationship between rate of evolution and population size.  
Zane McGrath  Parasitism rates and competition by exotic parasitoids in native environments.  
Amy Martin Coevolution: Maintenance of costly coevolutionary relationship between the sexually deceptive Cryptostylis orchid and its pollinator, Lissopimpla excelsa. Dr Anne Gaskett
Keely Paler  The impact of climate change on alpine invertebrates.  
Hayley Pragert Dissemination of oxalic acid in honey bee colonies (Apis mellifera L.).
Sky Peters    
Benjamin Reed (Hons) Modelling the effects of global climate change on Australian parrot species distributions.  
Jessica Ryder  Host range of Phytophthora agathidicida (PTA).
Tom Saunders How does sampling effort influence the recorded diversity of parasitoids? Dr Darren Ward
Linda Swift Functional analysis of a Venuria inaequalis effector.  
Riki Taylor Post-fire ecosystem recovery on Great Barrier Island. Professor George Perry
Aaron Thompson Spatial ecology of varanid lizards.  
Theo Van Noort  Pollination and seed dispersal services of Vespula wasps. Associate Professor Jacqueline Beggs
Robert Vennell  A damage function for wild pig rooting in New Zealand forests. Dr Margaret Stanley
Tristan Webb Reconstructing the post-European fire regime and its ecological consequences for New Zealand.
Professor George Perry
Hannah Williams Rates of evolution in raptorial birds. Dr Shane Wright
Joshua Wium Effect of soil conditions on restoration success. Dr Bruce Burns

Recent past students

Name Topic Year
Jingjing Zhang (PhD) Little blue penguins (Eudytula minor) 2016 
Narkis Morales (PhD) Tawa regeneration dynamics in forest remnants 2016 
Gonzalo Avila Oleson (PhD) Behavioural ecology and host-parasitoid interactions of the recently introduced biological control agent Cotesia urabae in New Zealand  2016 
Sam Heggie-Gracie (MSc) Birds in urban environments: identifying drivers of avian assemblages at different scales 2016
Josie Galbraith (PhD) Does supplementary feeding contribute to the success of introduced bird species? 2016
Helen Nathan (PhD)  Detection probabilities for ship rat management 2016
Renee Johansen (PhD) Impacts of an invasive plant on mycorrhizal dune fungi communities 2016
Rebecca Bennik (PhD) Sexual conflict within the lichen tuft moths 2016
Frederick Lubbe (MSc) Establishing low cost, biodiverse species assemblages in public lawns 2016 
Sam Lincoln (MSc) Indirect effects: the relationships between cats, rats and birds in urban parks, Auckland, New Zealand 2016 
Corin Gardiner (PhD) Use of multimodal signalling in trapping by Utricularia spp.  2016 
Patrick Garvey (PhD)  Interactions between mustelid species   2016 
Cynthia Karikala (Hons.) Sapwood depth in New Zealand native tree species  2016 
Katie Seward Drought physiology of native New Zealand vegetation 2015 
Jessica Devitt The distribution, impacts and host range of Hadda beetles 2015 
Preet Parmar Characterising the direct and indirect ecological impacts of Aceria genistae, a biological control agent for Scotch broom in NZ 2015
Marisa Sorce Native invertebrate biodiveristy in Hawkes Bay orchards 2015
Stephen Wallace (MSc) Restoration of ecological processes on islands 2015
Rebecca Le Grice (MSc) Competitive assessment strategies and lifetime reproductive success in New Zealand giraffe weevils (Lasiorhynchus barbicornis) 2015
Jessica Reaburn (MSc) Development of ecological integrity in restoration plantings 2014
Araceli Samaniego (PhD) Communities of invasive species on islands 2014
Luciana Luna Mendoza (PhD) Feral cats on Guadalupe 2014
Shelley Myers (PhD) Speciation and the evolution of behaviour in New Zealand stick insects 2014
Christine Sheppard (PhD) The effects of climate change on the spread of exotic weeds 2014
Claire Warren (MSc) Initiating succession: the influence of bird perches on forest seed rain into retired pasture 2014
Jay Ruffell (PhD) Birds and pests in forest fragments 2014
Emma Bodley (MSc) Ecology and pollination of deception NZ greenhood and spider orchid 2014
Anna Probert (Hons) Ecology of New Zealand harvestmen 2014
Ellery McNaughton (Hons) Ecology of Indian mynah in urban areas 2014
Twyla MacDonald (MSc) Simulation models of the behaviour of black petrels in relation to commercial fisheries 2014
Matt Sutton (MSc) New geospatial methods for quantifying animal space use 2014
Justine Lucy (MSc) Simulation models and population processes 2014
Emma Feenstra (MSc) Mitigation of human-avian conflicts in greenhouses 2014

Enrolling in the Joint Graduate School in Biodiversity and Biosecurity

Enrolling in the Joint Graduate School in Biodiversity and Biosecurity

You are eligible to enrol in the Joint Graduate School if your supervisor is a member of the School. 

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