Funded MSc topic available: Adding science to the cat debate

20 March 2014

Available MSc project: Adding Science to the Cat Debate

Supervisors: Margaret Stanley, SBS & John Innes, Landcare Research

I have some funding to collaborate with Landcare Research (specifically John Innes) on an MSc project investigating the habits of urban cats, particularly cat colonies in Auckland. We are developing links with University of Otago and Unitec on this project which will form the basis of larger research projects in this area.
This will be an exciting but challenging project, so we are looking for an organised student who is motivated, enthusiastic and able to use their own initiative to problem-solve! You’ll also need a driver’s licence and preferably have access to a car. You will also need to be prepared to step into a controversial issue - so good communication skills are necessary.

The MSc comes with a $2K stipend and some operating money. You’ll be expected to enrol in BIOSCI 761 MSc proposal in S2 2014, or S1 2015, with the MSc project in the following 2 semesters. To apply: Email your transcripts and CV to Margaret Stanley by 1 May 2014