Joint Graduate School in Biodiversity and Biosecurity

International Workshop: Advancing databases for global biodiversity assessments

In December 2011, the IRTDA held an international workshop on Advancing databases for global biodiversity assessments at The University of Auckland.

Programme details

Theme: User needs

  • Metrics and data needs for CBD indicators and IPBES assessments - Geoff Hicks (Dept Conservation, NZ)
  • Marine Policy Needs: the international dragons are awakening and are hungry for information - Jeff Ardron (MCBI, USA)
  • Invasive species risk assessments - Piero Genovesi (ISPRA, Italy) [Presentation] [Note]

Theme: The biodiversity databases and their use

  • Development and prospects for GISD - Shyama Pagad (U. Auckland, NZ)
  • The Palaeobiology Database - John Alroy (Macquarie University, Australia)
  • Standard in marine and biodiversity data management - Francisco Fernandez (VLIZ, Belgium [Presentation]
  • Biodiversity journals as databases - Zhi-Qiang Zhang (Landcare, NZ) [Presentation]
  • Future developments in the Freshwater Animal Diversity Assessment - Hendrik Segers (Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences)
  • Involving the public in database development (e.g. Redmap) - Amanda Bates (U. Tasmania, Australia [Presentation] [Note]

Theme: Use cases

  • Examples of recent research utilising data from WoRMS, OBIS, CoL, GBIF - Mark Costello (U. Auckland, NZ) [Presentation]
  • Statistical approaches to predicting biodiversity - Simon Wilson (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland) [Presentation] [Note Data Visualisation] [Note Data Modelling]
  • Predicting fish distributions (invasives, ballast water, aquaculture) from Aquamaps, FishBase and SeaLifeBase - Christine Casal (FishBase, Philippines) [Presentation]
  • Mapping deep-sea corals and predicting effects of climate change - John Guinotte (MCBI, USA) [Presentation]
  • Using biodiversity databases for modelling global change in compositional diversity - Simon Ferrier (CSIRO Canberra, Australia)
  • GRAMED, WDPA, and other databases at WCMC and a new COST Action - Jorn Scharlemann (WCMC, UK) [Presentation]
  • BirdLife experiences with database involvements and policy uses of large collections of data - Phil Taylor (BirdLife International, Germany) [Note]
Workshop agenda
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