CBB Seminar: Identify community and individual prejudices and motivations or fail with community pest control programmes Event as iCalendar

(Biodiversity and Biosecurity, Biodiversity and Biosecurity, Biological Sciences)

14 August 2014

3:30 - 4:30pm

Venue: University of Auckland Tāmaki Campus, Building 733 Rm 234

CBB image Jack Craw

Jack Craw
Koru Biosecurity Management, Principal and Owner

Noble, sensible and well-funded pest control programmes often fail for reasons not predicted beforehand. A valid scientific basis, demonstrable community benefits and secure funding are frequently inadequate to ensure success. Sometimes even financial benefits are sacrificed by individuals and groups due to ingrained prejudices and unidentified motivations that are manifested in disruptive activity that can even extend to illegal actions. Planning for community pest management programmes, particularly eradication programmes, needs to include a comprehensive exercise in identifying individual and community feelings, prejudices and individual motivations, and then developing tactics to deal with these factors. Discussion will include examples from feral/stray cat management worldwide, goat eradication on Pitcairn Island, garden weeds in New Zealand, feral pigs, wallabies and kauri dieback disease in Auckland.  Three successful and three unsuccessful scenarios will be examined.

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