CBB Seminar: Seabird biology and ecology: what can be learnt for conservation Event as iCalendar

06 March 2014

18 - 18pm

Venue: Tāmaki Innovation Campus, University of Auckland, Blg 733, Rm 201

Host: Centre for Biodiversity and Biosecurity

CBB photo Karen

Karen Bourgeois
Marie Curie Research Fellow, University of Auckland

Seabirds are among the groups of taxa most threatened worldwide. Because of their slow population dynamics, feeding at sea and their use of islands for breeding, seabirds face many threats such as predation by introduced predators, habitat destruction and fishery bycatch. However, seabird biology and ecology are not always well known despite the essential information this can provide for their conservation. In this talk, I will discuss the case of the Yelkouan shearwater in the Mediterranean Basin. In particular, I will introduce how it was first poorly studied and categorized as a Least Concern species and how study and monitoring led to its up-listing to Vulnerable on the IUCN redlist. I will also show how ecology and biology studies resulted in the identification of priorities for Yelkouan shearwater management and conservation, and how these studies can be used to evaluate action plans undertaken.

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