CBB Seminar: From kakapo to cabbage trees: utilising fancy pants sequencing for the sake of NZ ecology Event as iCalendar


26 September 2013

18 - 18pm

Venue: Tamaki Innovation Campus, University of Auckland, Blg 733, Rm 201

Host: Centre for Biodiversity and Biosecurity

CBB image Daniel White

Daniel White
Landcare Research

In this era of massively parallel sequencing anything is possible if you open your mind – and of course learn some things. Possibilities for a life scientist that were once limited by technology are now often limited only by knowing what to do with the newer technologies. In this talk, I will discuss two ways in which we are harnessing the power of 2nd generation sequencing for application to ecology. Firstly, I will present an innovative application of environmental sequencing, ‘metatranscriptomics’, which we have used to identify probable candidates for a novel, and potentially fatal, disease in the critically endangered kakapo (Strigops habroptilus) – namely exudative cloacitis, or ‘crusty bum disease’. I will go on to discuss how we are using the more widely used, and powerful approach of RNAseq to idenitfy genes relevant to the adaptation of one of NZ’s most iconic monocots, Cordyline australis or the cabbage tree, to its diverse habitats. Finally, I will introduce an exciting future project that investigates the genomics behind the survival strategy of a very peculiar group of fish.

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