CBB Seminar: The Titan in the Tobacco Tin: marvels and mysteries of moths in the moa motherland Event as iCalendar

29 August 2013

18 - 18pm

Venue: Tamaki Innovation Campus, University of Auckland, Blg 733, Rm 201

Host: Centre for Biodiversity and Biosecurity

CBB Hoare and moths

Robert Hoare
Landcare Research

New Zealand, Land of Birds, has lost an awful lot of birds. We know much even about these extinct species, e.g., where they occurred and why they disappeared. Conservation measures are well advanced for many threatened species that remain, but dramatic rediscoveries of ‘lost’ species, such as the New Zealand Storm Petrel, are exceedingly rare. Yet for invertebrates, we are still in a phase of discovery, which means relative ignorance. New species and genera, even families, are still being discovered in New Zealand, and 90-100% of the fauna in many insect groups is endemic. Basic taxonomy is often lacking, biology, threats and therefore conservation needs poorly understood. Mingled joy and despair stalk the entomologist. Wondrous, mysterious and alarming moths from Dr Robert’s files illustrate these points: meet the world’s thinnest caterpillar, cry over the little Otago onion and join the search for the Titan in the tobacco tin.

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Catching the shuttle to the Tāmaki Innovation Campus

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