CBB Seminar: A tale of two fish: consequences of restoring alewife and removing white perch in North American lakes Event as iCalendar


21 March 2013

18 - 18pm

Venue: Tamaki Campus, Building 733 Rm 201

Host: Centre for Biodiversity and Biosecurity

image fish talk

Kevin Simon
School of Environment, University of Auckland

Restoration of freshwater ecosystems has involved re-introducing native fish and removing invasive fish for a variety of purposes. In the north-eastern Unites States, there is increasing focus on restoring migratory fish movement between freshwaters and the ocean to permit marine derived nutrient delivery to freshwater systems and to re-establish historical community structure. At the same time, growing eutrophication stemming from nutrient pollution has led to removal of invasive fish from lakes as a biomanipulation strategy. Research using whole-lake experiments to test these management approaches have found both expected and unanticipated consequences of changing fish communities that are underlain by lake trophic state, complex community interactions and contemporary evolution among populations.

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