CBB Seminar: Toward efficient and effective control of invasive alien raccoon in Japan Event as iCalendar


11 March 2013

18 - 18pm

Venue: Tamaki Campus Blg 733 Rm 234

Host: Centre for Biodiversity and Biosecurity

Tohru Ikeda, Takaaki Suzuki and Jincao Zhang

Hokkaido University, Japan

The raccoon already naturalized all over Japan and has various impacts on native species and ecosystems. Intensive trapping campaigns have begun to exert effect in some regions, but many problems for raccoon control remain still in Japan. We developed a new comprehensive raccoon control project to overcome the current situation. We started information sharing network with all prefectural governments and share valuable information. Then we developed efficient and effective devices under raccoon low-density condition, raccoon detection dog and nest-box trap. Raccoon detection dog can sniff out only raccoon odor and not react to odors of other animals. Nest-box trap is based on raccoon’s cavity-nesting habit and don’t need baits, and we can use this trap at residential area where dangerous brown bear lives. Furthermore we started trap campaign near the shore where sea turtles lay eggs, and this campaign succeeded to create potential interest in conservation for native species.

Centre for Biodiversity and Biosecurity